They call themselves real feel golf mats , There other name is www.golf-mats.net then they have another name jr mats, well why so many names, they post there own reviews to make you think there a good companny. BEST ADVICE IS STAY AWAY !

THEY ARE RUDE AND there mats are way over priced for what you get, I call there and was treated very badly. there are better mats out there on line for a whole lot less money !

Country club elite mats, stay away, it is all hype and not worth the money. the owner jay spoke to me believe me if you heard what i heard you would hang up and shop some place else.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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www.realfeelgolfmats.com I meant to give 1 star wish I could give 0 Stars.

Country club elite mats in west chester pa

I Don't like them.



I do not like realfeelgolfmats.com also

mats are way to sponge like walking on a trampoline not good standing on them ! don't buy from them.


they are way over priced. not a good buy i feel

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